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Electronic Chemicals Filtration with ECLIPSE MEMBRANES™

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Porous PTFE Membranes for Electronic Chemicals Filtration

The electronic chemicals and chip and wafer production offer serious challenges to filtration systems.   Like pharmaceutical systems, electronic chemical and wafer production require the utmost in clean and inert membrane filters for their processes.


The chemical stability, chemical resistance, and purity of PTFE as a membrane material and fluoropolymers as a potting system lend themselves to filtration systems for the electronic chemicals industry.


Conventional potting systems such as epoxies and urethanes are unacceptable for most of these applications as they tend to shed small molecules that contaminate the product stream.   The homogenous nature of PTFE coupled with its chemical stability guarantees that the membrane will not generate particles or chemical contaminants into these processes. 

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electronic chemicals filtration with porous ptfe membranes