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Edible Oils Filtration with ECLIPSE MEMBRANES™

Porous PTFE Membranes for Edible Oils Filtration

Edible oils, especially important products such as olive oil are increasingly being processed via newer filtration techniques. In common with juices, edible oils are recovered from high solids feed streams, requiring larger bore or tubular membranes.


The Markel tubular membrane design in conjunction with proprietary mounting technology offers similar advantages to the edible oil industry that they offer to the juice processing industry, namely inherently strong and chemical resistant tubular membranes, large bore membranes, the most chemically resistant and inert potting system on the market.

Advantages of Porous PTFE Membranes for Edible Oils Filtration

• Both the tubular membrane and the mounting system are highly resistant to the most aggressive cleaning systems, including strong alkali, acids, and ozone cleaning agents. The Markel porous PTFE hollow fiber will not chemically degrade nor will any contaminants leach from the membrane or membrane mounting system.


• Individual Markel tubular membranes are easily replaced, meaning that if a tube is damaged or obstructed, the module may be brought back to full surface area in a short period of time at minimal cost.


• The hydrophobic membranes will exhibit high flux rates with all organic oils


• The extremely high service temperature (120 °C or above, depending on the potting system) allows the cleaning process to be conducted at elevated temperatures, greatly shortening the cleaning cycle.


• Markel porous PTFE tubular membranes and associated mounting systems lend themselves to a wide variety of contactor designs allowing the systems designer to optimize throughput, spatial considerations, and cost.


• The strength of Markel porous PTFE hollow fiber membranes exceeds that of typical polymeric membrane systems on the market, and requires no skeletal support or sub-structure.

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