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ECLIPSE : Module Design

Our Business

Eclipse Membranes are designed and engineered by Markel Corporation. Our business model for its membrane business is to produce:


• porous PTFE hollow fiber and tubes
• fluoropolymer-based potting systems, chemistry and technology for PTFE
• hollow fiber membrane contactors and filters
• ancillary coating and surface treatment systems to enhance and tailor the filtering and separation performance characteristics of PTFE hollow fibers

• ancillary fluoropolymer tubing and profiles to support membrane contactor system development

• limited sub-assembly and component production


Our intent, generally, is not to produce filters or finished filtration or contacting systems, thereby avoiding competing with our customers.


Our typical business relationship involves design and development of fiber and potting systems on an application-by-application basis, generally under a non-disclosure or joint development agreement.

Development Partners

Markel works as a design partner with Eclipse Membrane customers and other component suppliers. Markel recognizes the extensive development effort that goes into a membrane contacting, separation, or filtration application and is prepared to work with downstream customers and end users to design the proper combination of fiber or tube dimensions, pore structure, and potting system to meet their needs.


Typical development programs operate under the mutual protection of a non-disclosure agreement or other business agreement to protect all interests and investments.