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ECLIPSE Membranes™: robust porous PTFE & innovative potting from Markel Corporation.

  • ptfe membranes for filtration
  • ptfe membranes for distillation
  • ptfe membranes for ozone applications
  • custom housing and potting technology

Porous PTFE Membranes for Cross Flow and Dead End Filtration

There is a clearly articulated need for an inert, chemical resistant, high temperature and – most importantly – cost effective membrane media for filtration in an array of industries.


Eclipse Membranes have key applications for filtration including:

Food and Beverage Filtration (including wine, beer, juice, dairy, edible oils)

Water Filtration

Electronic Chemicals Filtration

Petrochemicals Filtration

Porous PTFE Membranes for Contacting and Separation

Eclipse porous PTFE hollow fibers, alone or in conjunction with our potting technology and housing design, are ideal membranes for a wide spectrum of contacting or separations operations.


Eclipse Membranes find applications for contacting and separation in three key areas:

Membrane Distillation

• Degassing and Debubbling


Porous PTFE Membranes for Ozone Applications

The use of ozone as a means of sanitizing, an anti-microbial agent, or a cleaning system has expanded rapidly in recent years. Ozone deployment systems continue to grow as a cost effective and safe alternative to chlorine and other chemical or thermal decontamination systems.


Eclipse Membranes find applications with ozone generation and distribution in two key areas:

Distribution and Dissolution of Ozone in Water

PTFE Hollow Fiber Motionless Check Valves

Our Potting Technology and Custom Housing Design

ECLIPSE porous PTFE membranes ensure your membrane modules are as resilient and strong as the fibers within.


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Our Proprietary Potting Systems

Custom Housing Design

Coatings and Surface Modifications